Commissioning a piece

Having a piece of art commissioned is always the most challenging and most satisfying.  Things I would have never attempted are requested of me and the results inspire me every time.  I love doing commissioned art, my only rule (for the moment) is no humans.  I have that rule for the sole reason that I would not be able to provide you with the standard of art that I expect from myself and that you, a paying customer, expect.

The most common commissions I receive are for dog portraits, I love capturing the personality of the pet and always want to know the quarks that make you love them.  Below is an example of a almost complete portrait, (final shading and framing are not shown here).

The way to go about getting a piece specially made for you is e-mailing [email protected] with the following information. 1. What you want the piece to be. 2. How large you are hoping for it to be. 3. What type of framing (if any) you want.  Once I read these I will respond with a price point and a timeline.

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