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Holy cow

This is a screen shot I took of my friends Facebook page. This is my art and one of my dear friends writing (the print). My art is now on my friends body.

This blows my mind. I am so touched and a little speechless. And it’s not even a surprise, he and I have been talking tattoo designs for a while, but to see it happen brings it to a whole new level of holy cow.

Being exposed


Having your art hanging somewhere is very important for getting your work to be seen, the Internet has made this less vital but it’s still important. Seeing the physical piece often helps work resonate for people and makes them more interested. But this means you are exposed, you are putting a piece of your heart and soul up for people to ogle or scoff at.  Of course my mind goes to negatives but I remind myself that this is a step in the right direction, that I am my harshest critic, and that I didn’t make these pieces so they could sit in a box.  Both pieces that are hanging are available for sale ($80) and can be seen at the Philz Hyatt embarcadero.

Have fun practicing challenging things


Faces and people in general are a huge challenge for me and that means I tend to avoid doing them…so this piece was a miracle in the making. I saw Deadpool, loved it, and decided to try and draw him. Halfway through I went “HOLY COW I’M DRAWING A FACE….SORT OF!”. This drawing has helped me gain a bit of confidence in the face realm because it’s a nice inbetween, less detail then a face but helping me gage the shapes and shadows that faces have. STEPS HAVE BEEN MADE. MAXIMUM EFFORT.

in the beginning

The first time I played with pointillism was with a Bic pen and solid white out, I had no idea what I had started. I showed a friend and they informed me I was an artist, a concept I still struggle with some days. But support from friends made me realize I may have stumbled upon something special Bic pen